Mac Setup Services

  • Apple Mac Setup Service

    Mac Setup Service
    Setup a new Mac Computer


    • Setup one Mac computer, including the computer plus monitor, keyboard and mouse
    • Install a printer, external hard drive or other external device
    • Configuration of your new computer to access your existing Internet account and one existing email account
    • Install three software applications of your choice
  • Apple Mac Hardware Install Service

    Hardware Install Service
    Install internal or external hardware


    • Install a graphics card, hard drive, printer or other external device
    • Install any included software with the hardware that is necessary for functionality on one computer
    • Configuration of the hardware required for its applicable use
    • Brief tutorial on how to best use the new piece of hardware
  • Apple Mac Backup Service

    Backup Service
    Protection for your valuable files


    • Installation and configuration of online data backup for up to 5Gb of data
    • Setup your existing external backup drive
    • Installation and configuration of software to create a backup schedule that fits your backup needs
    • Configuration and help in creating the first backup
  • Apple Mac Migration Service Mavericks

    Mac Migration Service
    Transfer you from old to new


    • Data transfer of up to 30Gb to your new Mac including documents, photos, music and videos
    • Setup your existing applications to reference the transferred data
    • Import data to the correct new locations
    • Show you how to access your data on your new Mac

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