Terms & Conditions

Basis of Contract:

  • Purchase of goods and services from Techstatic is subject to the following terms and conditions. By purchasing or receiving goods or services from Techstatic, you accept the following terms and conditions:
  • Unless otherwise agreed by us in writing, these Conditions apply to every supply of goods and provision of services by us to you and cannot be varied, amended or supplemented by any other terms or conditions without our prior written consent.

Customer Responsibilities:

  • You must ensure that a person of 18 years of age is present for the duration of any service work provided by Techstatic.
  • In order for a Techstatic technician to complete the work required, you must ensure access to areas necessary to provide the required services and provide the Techstatic technician with all necessary passwords to your computer/s and or network equipment.
  • You must back up your software and data prior to any service from Techstatic. All reasonable precautions will be taken when working on your computer and or network systems but software and data can be lost simply from performing routine maintenance.
  • It is your responsibility to back up all software and data stored on your computer’s hard drives and /or storage devices you have. (Including iPhones and iPads)
  • If you are unable to backup your data due to some reason, the Techstatic technician can backup your data for a fee (see data backup service)
  • If you do not want to backup your data and decline to have the Techstatic technician backup your data, you do so at your own risk and agree that Techstatic will not be responsible at anytime for any alteration, corruption or loss of software or data relating directly or indirectly from the provision of service.

Services and Quotations:

  • Any verbal quote given by Techstatic during a booking over phone or email is given as a guide based on the limited information given by a customer. This is an estimate of the price and not an assurance that the product or service will be sold at that price.
  • Techstatic will attempt to provide all possible price options prior to arrival based on the information provided by the customer.
  • Any piece of advertising material stating a fixed price for a product or service is valid only for the period stated on the advertising material.
  • Any price quoted on the Techstatic website is subject to change without notice.

Payment Conditions:

  • Any payment for services or goods must be made by credit card, cheque or cash.
  • Payment must be made at the completion of any work done by Techstatic
  • Any work done by Techstatic is deemed chargeable.
  • Techstatic may vary its price for goods and services without giving notice to the customer.


  • Techstatic will in no way be liable to the customer or any third party for any accidental, consequential or indirect damage resulting from the provision of the service. This includes but is not limited to:
  • Damage to hardware
  • Corruption or damage to software
  • Data loss or data corruption
  • Any damages relating to downtime, interruption or business services, loss of profit or damages to goodwill.

Software Copyright:

  • By presenting a Techstatic technician with your software disks and product keys you are acknowledging that you have a legitimate copy of that software.
  • Techstatic will not be responsible to the client or any third party for any breach of software licences, with regard to software provided to Techstatic by the customer to be installed on the customers computer.
  • The customer holds responsibility for any loss, damage, cost, harm or any other expenses arising directly or indirectly as a result of Techstatic installing software at the customer’s request.

Equipment and Warranty:

  • Techstatic may resell you equipment, hardware or software on behalf of a third party manufacturer or licensor.
  • If there is a problem with any equipment or hardware we provide you, your remedy may rest with the manufacturer or licensor of such products.
  • Techstatic offers a 7 day warranty on all computer repair services, however any fault deemed to have resurfaced due to customers miss use or any other factor not directly related to the services provided, will not be covered by this warranty. Techstatic will determine whether an issue has not been resolved correctly or has resurfaced as a result of miss use or any other factor not directly related to the services provided.
  • If a Techstatic technician is called out for a warranty service and the technician determines that the fault is not related to the service that was initially provided or to the particular piece of hardware worked on, the customer will be charged the appropriate rate for the service.


  • If we are unable to provide you’re service at the required time, then we may cancel and re schedule you appointment for another time.
  • If you are not present at the appointed time of service or give us less than twenty four hours notice to cancel the service, then we may charge you a cancellation fee of $99.

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