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  • We offer on-site Google Apps integration, deployment and IT Support in Perth, Western Australia. We specialise in Apple based networks and can tailor complete productivity and workflow solutions for your small business.

    Techstatic is a Perth based on-site computer repair & IT support company specialising in Google Apps and Apple IT systems. With close to 100 Apple only Google Apps deployments, we have developed numerous techniques to ensure your Google Apps backend integrates perfectly with your Apple frontend. With this approach you can be confident that everything runs in the cloud so you don’t have to worry about server crashes, on-going IT costs and on-premise software & hardware upgrades.

    Simply call or email Techstatic to talk about your specific IT support requirements and organise an audit of your current systems.


    Google Apps Techstatic Perth

  • Techstatic Google Apps Perth Gmail

    Google Mail

    With Gmail you can store 30GB of email data per user, leverage advanced spam filtering and search all your email history instantly. Gmail works with all of your devices quickly and securely including Apple computers, iOS devices and your Windows PC hardware!

  • Techstatic-Google Apps Perth Google Drive

    Google Drive

    With Google Drive you can create, real-time collaborate and store all your business documents. You can also synchronise your local PC or Mac files to your online Drive and gain access to your files on multiple computers or on the road with your iPhone or iPad.

  • Techstatic Google-Apps Perth Google Calendar

    Google Calendar

    Google Calendar also benefits from multiple platform support allowing you to create and share calendars from any web browser, Microsoft Outlook and even Apple iCal. With Google Calendar you can cross platform invite and track RSVPs through your email.

  • Techstatic Google Apps Perth Google Contacts

    Google Contacts

    Still stuck with inconsistent contacts between your devices? Google Contacts can maintain a single record across each tablet, smartphone and computer allowing you instant access to the right phone number or email every time.

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