Computer Repair Services

  • Computer Optimisation Service

    Optimisation Service
    Like an a oil change for your Mac


    • Diagnose performance problems and recommend a solution
    • Optimise the startup and shutdown process
    • Creation of new user accounts if applicable
    • Clear cache and temporary files from your Windows computer
  • Computer Repairs Service

    Computer Repair Service
    Troubleshoot computer problems


    • Troubleshoot up to two problem applications and provide a solution
    • De-frag and optimise your hard drive
    • Diagnose data file issues and repair
    • Update your Windows operating system
  • Computer Repair Service Complete

    Full Computer Repair Service
    Complete Computer Repair Service


    • If applicable, backup any user profiles and re-install the Windows operating system
    • Troubleshoot slow performance and provide a solution
    • Repair permissions and file errors
    • Diagnose data file issues and repair
  • Computer Anti Virus Service

    Anti-Virus Service
    Removal of Computer viruses


    • Verify your computer meets the minimum Windows system requirements
    • Backup user profiles and user data
    • Upgrade your Mac to the latest operating system Windows 8
    • Training on the new changes to your Windows operating system

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