Computer Network Services

  • Computer Network Setup Service

    Network Setup Service
    Setup a new network


    • Setup one WiFi Modem Router or WiFi Router or WiFi Access Point
    • Configure an internet connection and secure wireless network
    • Connect up to 3 devices to your new network
    • Connect and share one printer on the network
  • Computer Network Fix Service

    Network Fix Service
    Troubleshoot network problems


    • Repair network and internet connectivity if necessary
    • Troubleshoot issues preventing the internet from working
    • Investigate and provide a solution to Wifi network problems
    • Configuration of network and sharing settings to improve reliability
  • Computer-Mobile Broadband Setup Service

    Mobile Internet Service
    Setup 3G/4G Internet


    • Installation of required software for your Mobile Broadband access
    • Configuration of broadband service and laptop to connect to the Internet
    • Connect up to 3 devices to a wireless hotspot
    • Configure and or create a new email account
  • Computer Wifi Wireless Security Service

    Wifi Security Service
    Secure your Wifi network


    • Report and audit your home or business current network and Wifi security
    • Configure encryption and security on your Wireless network
    • Advise on network strength and security improvements
    • Re-connect up to 3 Wifi devices up to the secure network

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