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Staying on top of all your important small business emails?

  • Most small businesses utilise old and outdated methods of sending and receiving email. Working from and tied to a single computer to manage all daily email correspondance is just “how things are done”. With the ever growing cloud space and services provided from the cloud, empowering your small business with the tools and ability to become more productive and mobile has never been easier!

    Switch to cloud email for your small business

    In years gone by small business users were unable to use such technology due to prohibitive hardware and IT support costs. Using dedicated mail servers to handle your email was a costly exercise to say the least, to host your own email you would need a server, a static IP address and expensive software.

    What would happen if the server stopped working? What would happen if the power went out? Could your business survive being cut off from the digital world? Now with the ability to shift your email to the cloud, business of any size can experience the benefits of a dedicated mail system without the high cost and the worry of downtime.

  • With your business running with emails in the cloud you can:

    • Receive your emails on a wide range of mobile phones and tablets including iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile
    • Check historic emails from your mobile phone, iPad or web browser
    • Eliminate duplicate emails and the need to deal with emails multiple times
    • Log onto any computer in the world and check your emails
    • Reduce the amount of spam you receive using powerful cloud based filters
    • Enjoy a cost-effective and predictable licensing model
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