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How does your small business handle its documents?

  • The average small business maintains and works on a collection of documents and spreadsheets saved to the business computer. The business most likely works on these documents using the popular Microsoft Office suite and thus is required to purchase Office licenses for each and every computer they want to work on the document with. If they need to work on the document at home or away from the business computer the files required are copied to a flash drive or in some cases emailed to work on later. Does your business handle its documents like this?

    The benefits of using cloud documents with your small business

    By using the power of cloud documents, all the business documents, spreadsheets and more can be stored online. By saving the documents to the cloud the files can be accessed and modified from the work computer, home computer or any computer with an internet connection. Meaning you can work on your files at the office and continue working from home if you wish. The cloud document system also allows everyone in the business to have the ability to collaborate on documents together. Meaning someone in the office, another working from home and another working away in a different state can chat, edit, review and produce documents together in real time. Also by moving your small business documents to the cloud, each user can create and work on the files without needing to purchase the standard Microsoft office software, saving hundreds of dollars in licensing costs.

  • By moving your home or small business documents to the cloud you can:

    • Import and collaboratively edit or publish from .doc, .xls, .ppt, .csv, .txt, .pdf and other formats
    • View and edit the same online copy of each doc, spreadsheet or presentation with co-workers in real time
    • Track revisions, changes and versions of your documents including who edited last
    • Access to all your documents from the road, your desk or on your mobile phone
    • Invite external users to view, edit or comment on documents you publish
    • Produce online forms that automatically gather and sort data into spreadsheets ready for analysis
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