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  • At first glance a cloud calendar does not seem that impressive as most small business get by without any sort of time management application and if they do it is nothing more than a simple diary serving as a basic daily to-do list. With a cloud calendar setup on your Smartphone, tablet and computer, your movements throughout the day follow you no matter what device you happen to be using at the time. Schedule your entire week of work at home and be alerted with reminders on your phone each day. If you’re out of the office and start to schedule work with only your Smartphone available, simply check your coming days for availability and make the appointments without the need to be at your computer.

    Resources, RSVPs and scheduling in the cloud

    If you or your co-workers need to keep track of each other’s movements for scheduling, each users calendar can be shared if required and will allow events to be created for each other. Do you have equipment like a projector or locations like a meeting room that are shared between a number of people? Create entries for each resource and keep track of who is using what at any time. With fully featured notification support, calendar events can be used to notify attendees. For example you are a piano teacher and schedule lessons for your students, simply create the time for the lesson and have the cloud calendar email a request to the students for that time and then have the system automatically keep track of each RSVP to help you account for numbers.

  • By moving your home or small business calendar to the cloud you can:

    • Easily schedule appointments by viewing multiple calendars to see when people are available
    • Sends invitations and manage RSVPs
    • Integrate with your email system and maintain a familar look and feel
    • Create public calendars and easily embed calendars into web pages
    • Have the ability to add new events, view and edit event details and invite guests from your iPhone or iPad
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