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What are you doing to protect your valuable data?

  • Almost every small business knows they need backup, but often small business owners simply have little to no form of valid backup to protect their business data in the event of disaster. What would you do if your computer failed today? What would you do if your computer equipment was stolen? What would you do in the worst case scenario of fire or flood? A good backup system can help your small business stay protected.

    Local on-site backup and cloud off-site backup

    Our backup systems employ both local on-site backup processes and off-site cloud backup procedures to get the best of both worlds. A local on-site backup can help your business recover files accidentally deleted and restore functionality in as little time as possible. The cloud backup system is there in case of absolute disaster and is stored using high levels of encryption to keep your data safe from intruders. Unlike many online backup systems that only encrypt the servers holding your data, our Cloud backup systems encrypt the data prior to leaving your computer giving you complete control over your data and encryption.

  • Some of the Cloud Backup features are:

    • Real-time continuous backup of your Mac or PC
    • History and versioning of your backups
    • Enterprise-grade data encryption
    • The ability to view backup history from a web browser or iPhone
    • Simple monthly licensing plans
    • Scheduling and advanced backup sets to control every part of your backup plan
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