Cloud IT Solutions

  • Techstatic Cloud Email IT SupportMost small business utilise old and outdated methods of sending and receiving email. Is your small business email helping or hindering?

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  • Techstatic Cloud Documents IT SupportDocuments in the cloud can be accessed and modified from work, home or any computer with a working internet connection.

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  • Techstatic Cloud Calendar IT SupportWith cloud calendar setup on your phone and computer, your calendar will follow you and remind you from whatever device you want.

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  • Techstatic Cloud Backup IT SupportWhat would happen to your data in the event of hardware failure, fire or theft? What are you doing to protect your small business data?

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Why take your business IT systems to the cloud?

    • Your email, anywhere
      Work from any device
    • Documents on the go
      Review and edit work files out of the office
    • Team based collaboration
      Location independent workflows
    • Never miss an appointment
      Schedule events in realtime
    • Protect your valuable files
      On-site, off-site & cloud backup systems
    1. Before
    2. After
    • Easy to use
      Reduce IT system complexity
    • Improve system uptime
      Reliable infrastructure to keep you going
    • True cross-platform support
      Windows, Apple, iOS, Android & more
    • Reduce IT costs
      No on-site hardware to power and repair
    • Get work done faster
      Improve productivity and business efficiencies
  • The first step to the cloud is an IT systems audit

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