1Password Management Solution

  • The Client

    After advice to improve password security since having their email hacked and compromised, the client was having difficulty remembering and storing the now very complex password combinations to all his various accounts and website logins.

    Password storage

    The solution chosen for helping with the new more complex passwords was the Agilebits software called 1Password.1Password Mac Help TechstaticThis application allows the user to use a single very VERY strong password to store all the passwords required locally on his iMac. The software features a one click sign-on ability to allow easy access to the passwords when needed. This means the user can unlock the 1Password system when he starts a browsing session on his Mac and then call upon his unique complex passwords at will.

    This easy to use login system then allows the user to use the password generator tool provided by the software to use passwords as complex as “_5dg2_3iTpSK4VNDw-YQse{H{QlA;Q26YT4oPp8)@rkiz*20s” for each and every login required.

    All this information is stored within an encrypted keychain best thought of like an advanced version of the keychain system employed by the Mac OS X operating system. The 1Password database uses strong encryption methods to protect the containing data. The technical explanation can be found at Agile Keychain Design Document“OpenSSL is used to encrypt all confidential information with AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) using 128-bit encryption keys and performed in Cipher Block Chaining (CBC) mode along with a randomized Initialization Vector.”

  • Apple Help Techstatic 1Password Case Study

    Password Backup

    Now what if the iMac that all this very hard to remember password information is stored on fails and the data is lost. Firstly everyone should be using some form of local backup as simple as an external usb hard drive using time machine. But to simplify the process, 1Password offers integration with Dropbox to allow 24/7 synchronisation and backup of your 1Password information to your own cloud storage system.

    Things really start to get interesting when this data is then easily accessed and used by the mobile version of 1Password allowing the client to access any of his passwords or secure notes from his iPhone while away from his computer.

    With a 2gb Dropbox account being free and 1Password for Mac @ $39.99 + 1Password for iPhone @ $14.99 the buy in cost for this much password control and features is not that bad. But if you want something even cheaper, you can use the secure notes and password storage feature built into each and every Apple computer called the keychain.